Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers


Columbia, SC -- February 11, 2012

Congratulations to our Overall Junior Division Champion! 

Shady Grove represented BRMC Very well at the 2012 Summer Fest Competition in Fountain Inn, SC. The dancers of Shady Grove earned overall Junior Division Championship awards with their traditional line dance.  It that was not enough for them they also won Grand Champion Open Hoedown Awards.   

Many of our dancers were priveleged to be a part of the 2012 Summer Fest competition that was held in Fountain Inn, SC.  We are very appreciative of the good organization and the hospitality that we received at this event.  It was a very well run and enjoyable competition that produced many team, individual and duo/duet winners for our group. 

In addition to the awards won by Shady Grove we had several individual winners in solo competitions.  We received 9 first place awards, 4 second places and 3 third place honors.  Joey McCannon was named Champion Traditional Male for the competition. 

Shady Grove on the way to earning Hoedown Championship honors with an high energy performance of their open hoedown routine.   






 4 or more couple hoedown


 Shady Grove

1st & Champion Hoedown







 Shady Grove

1st & Overall Junior Division Champion










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A group of our solo Dancers wait their turn to Rise & Shine.  First time out with a brand new choreographed solo and Holly wins first in the 10 -12 age division.  Way to go! 


We should all be very proud of our solo dancers for persevering through a very long solo competition and representing us so well.  We had a very good day in solos and many of our dancers earned top 3 placings.  Our Dancers swept all 3 placings in the 9 - 10 traditional female category.  A summary of our solo winners is below. 


Category / Age


Traditional Female



Morgan Laura  4-6 2nd
Macy Williams  9-10 1st
Sierra Howell  9-10 2nd
Augusta Holder  9-10 3rd
Holly Whiten 11 -12 1st
Abbey Bollick  11 - 12 2nd 
Callie Durham 13 - 15 1st
Sydney Lyle 13 -15 2nd
Novice Female     
Augusta Holder  9 - 10 2nd
Traditional Male    

Joey McCannon

13 - 15

1st & Grand Champion




Contemporary Female



Augusta Holder

9 -10


Holly Whiten 11 -12 1st
Callie Durham 13 - 15 1st
Acapello solo    
Holly Whiten 15 & Under 1st
Flatfoot Solo    
Abbey Bollick 11 -12 1st
Holly Whiten 11 -12 2nd 

After a very long day the last group to compete was our duos and duets.  They all did a remarkable job. We are truly proud of them for their perseverance and the skill and energy that they showed after several other dances.  .  

                                   Duo / Duet Results                                         
Augusta & Sierra - Pee Wee Traditional Duo 2nd place
Holly & Abbey  Traditional Duo 1st place 
Abbey & Callie - Elementary Traditional Duo 2nd place
  Contemporary duo 1st place
  Show Duo 1st place
  Short duo 1st place
Kaitlin & Allison - Junior Traditional Duo 2nd place
Augusta & Christina Contemporary Duo 2nd place
Joey & Christina - Elementary Traditional Duet 1st place
Joey & Stephanie  Traditional Duet 1st place
Abbey & Callie have really brought this routine along nicely. They wowed the audience at Pickens has Talent and now they are wowing the ACHF judges.  Good Job ladies.     
Dancing should be about joy and fun and these two always make it a joy to watch.  Really proud of you, Joey & Stephanie. Keep it up.  First time out for this contemporary duo and a top 3 placing....Can't beat that!  Keep working hard. 

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The pride of this day was the helpful spirit and sportsmanship shown by all of the BRMC family that was here this day. From youngest to oldest everyone just pitched in and helped each other out.  A really fun, enjoyable and rewarding day. 


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