Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers

Smokey Mountain Encore 2012


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Traditional Workshop with some really neat footwork.... Loretta teaching from scratch
Surviving this duet workshop was a challenge and produced some interesting moments along the way Working hard
Hip-Hop workshop is always a fun time to let loose and just have a good time Waiting on rehearsal to end.
  Early morning workshop...  
Backstage moments are always priceless.....
Visiting with Chip!  Getting hats fixed just right! Make-up has to be just right as well
Memories with the best friends and best cloggers anywhere! 
Only Sydney!..........................................Posing for pictures with the cowboy boots and Miss Loretta aka Dolly
Always time for a little fun before going on stage Friends Stephanie just had to try these on! 
Shining on Stage
Shining on Stage
      Our instructors! 
Recognize anyone here?  Finale!
    Getting dunked....Joey found it much funnier when it was Stephanie!
After a long day of workshops nothing like relaxing and sharing fun moments in the pool.....
Hot tub!! Chicken Fights   looks so serious...
Stunts in the pool are always fun but this one just got intentionally wrecked   
This stunt looked very good until....incoming disaster with Joey and Chris....and the aftermath. 
Some of the fun times in Gatlinburg getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day moonshiners caught in the act...  


This is how you keep pressure on the heels of boots while gluing taps on cowboy boots.   Took every bit of cast iron cookware in our house.  Only glued one to our living room floor....Not too bad.