Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers



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BRMC Show team takes the floor for their portion of the Encore Show.  "We're All in this Together"  - High School Musical 
A lot of hard work went into getting this show together from the dancers, parents and Ms. Loretta...Thanks to everyone you made BRMC Shine.
A great ending for our show...Great job everyone!! On stage for the grand finale'.. Holly and Rachel working hard in solo...Holly won traditional solo category for 15 and under... Good job. 
Sidney shows off her solo skills   Adults in Friday Morning Workshops...
Our Adults performing in the Encore Exhibition.  They did an amazing job and everyone is so proud of them..
Putting on the final touches before the show. Now its time to wait for the competition to end and the show to begin..DS and Phones are amazing...
make certain no ones shoes are slick..thank you Renee for all of your help. Nothing is better than spending time with some of the best friends you can find anywhere... Ms. Loretta gives everyone final instructions before moving on to the final practice..
Our final practice session of Saturday morning was really sharp and had everyone feeling up for the show. 
Off to a good start in the Friday workshops.. Working hard to learn new stuff.. no one else learned this one...
There is always something going on between Holly and Allison...We aren't always sure what but it always involves smiles... Holly seems to be everywhere!
It looks like this group know what they are doing! Pay attention and learn.. Work hard and look sharp! Taking a moment for a fun photo..
...more workshop photos and fun from Friday...
looking sharp!! Some of our dancers with a workshop instructor " Hey Cullen, Do you remember when we were this tall?  Look what happened! When did Mama Shrink? " 
Kelley's first Encore Workshop was amazing Paying close attention and working hard. Wow this step is kind of neat... The survivors...
Granny Dot is always here to record  everything. Ms. Loretta has some help with her workshop.  "Outdoor Kind of Man"  Great song and neat routine... Finishing up with Loretta's workshop...
New shirts for Saturday Working hard in the workshops Hey this is fun.. Wake up juice required...
working hard and looking sharp... are supposed to be turned the other way... Any questions... "Could you go over that part again please?"
  Our Show team one of several silly moments..  
You have to sight see some in Gatlinburg... The chair lift was a fun ride and gave everyone a good view looking down on the town.. and the surrounding mountains..
  This gentleman posing with our crew is an 87 year old Pearl Harbor Survivor...He danced both nights..and was in the workshops...Take note kids. A very scenic view on the trip home..  
Welcome to ?????? other wise known as "No Way Joses'"  The greeting crew was amazing.. Sharing a laugh as we wait for the workshop..
Sharing moments with friends are moments that can never be taken away and mean so much.. Thanks Mom!!
Here's hoping these pictures help you to relive some of the special moments from this years Encore 2010.. Thanks to everyone for the hard work and your dedication to BRMC.. Each of you are awesome..