Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers

Smokey Mountain Encore 2009

Smokey Mountain Encore in Gatlinburg, TN has become one of the favorite trips each year for our dance school.  It is a great blend of fun, family, friends workshops and competitions.  This year was one of the busiest but best of many peoples memories.  It just seemed it was one of the most relaxed long events we have had in some time.  It was also a very succesful competition with many of our dancers placing well in the competition as well as learning a great deal in the workshops. 

Most of us traveled to Gatlinburg on Thursday and met up in the convention hall to receive instructions for Fridays workshops and competitions.  Then it was off to supper or to bed for a good night of rest. 

Far and away the workshops are simply wonderful and teach the dancers so much.  Usually they are just plain out fun as well.  The workshops range from traditional to country to rock to hip-hop.  Nearly every one can find something for their taste and ability.  The old saying of you get out of it what you put into it definitely holds true here.  Our dancers should have come away with a great deal because they definitely put everything into it. 

The competition Friday night was ....well long!!  But it was rewarding for the BRMC Dancers that participated in it.  Many dancers placed in the solo competition led by three first place dancers...Hunter Galloway, Kaitlin Galloway and Joey McCannon.  Also placing were Kelley Addington, Madison Addington,  and Abbey Bollick.

Little Mountain Wildfire was involved in two different team events.  The small team made its debut here and really wowed the crowd with their energy and precision.  The group nearly danced a perfect routine, but were still rewarded with a second place finish in this highly competitive category.  The Traditional Line category was nearly the last event and went on the stage entirely too late for a Pee-Wee team.  After coming off the stage at 1:20 AM, everyone was off to bed to prepare for the next days workshops and the show. 


It is always a privilege for a tema to be apart of the show finale of SME.  This is truly a work of art in bringing this event together with several hundred dancers, many props an amazing script and staff to make for some of the best clogging entertainment that you will ever see.  BRMC simply has an amazing show routine this year with the Beverly Hills show routine.  Space will not allow me to place all of the neat pictures from this show on this page so visit the photo gallery to see what a fun show this is.  Thank you SME for allowing us to showcase the talents of our dancers in this forum.