Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers



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Loretta & Little Mountain Sweethearts taking a break from Practice - such adorable little ladies!

Mountain Laurel Hoedown with one or two fill ins.. Jocassee Storm practicing more time with energy. 
Little Mountain Sweethearts... Little Mountain Wildfire Hoedown.. still champion form...
Mountain Thunder Exhibition - Mr. Policeman - very fun -  I promise I did not start this foolishness! Mountain Express Hoedown!
Oconee Belles + Joey (aka Mtn Thunder) Mountain Edition Hoedown's new look
Adults - Rocky Top Show team -- still having fun Shady Grove Hoedown -  putting in the time and work for a championship!
Small Team new moves   Welcome to BRMC - Nice dancing  
Welcome to our new friends from the new Walhalla Studio...Only in their second month and already performing..Great Job!!
Talk about dancing where everyone hears you...good job girls! Hey...Who set the speed to that...Are you trying to kill us! Who had my camera?  Thanks Christy..See I do play fair! Can't wait to see this one in competition...Mountain Wildfire 6-8 couple precision

Fun Dances are always neat and get everyone involved...Some put alot into these and it shows..


Gracie Marie Durham born September 18, 2009....Quote from September 5 .(at Nashville before her arrival) .."She has to be a clogger!..."  October 10 ---Attends first Clogging performance....Just watching her Aunts I bet she makes it with style!  Maggie Valley 2016 .. Watch out !! I hope I'm there!