Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers



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Grand Champion Overall Duo / Duet.   Good Job Abbey and Callie!

  Mountain Edition Precision was dead on and did an amazing job..  
Rocky Top Cash!! Mountain Edition Hoedown 
Mountain Wildfire on a roll with Rocky Top Mountain Wildfire Line Formation always looks sharp
Mountain Express Hoedown Mountain Express Traditional Line
Traditional Duets & Duos always represent BRMC well.  Good job folks...
    Grand Champion overall duo/duet Abbey & Callie Show..
Always a crowd favorite.."look she's clicking her heels"
Female Solo dance-off had sisters and friends together! Solo group action...
Our dancers had a great day in both contemporary and traditional solos...Keep up the hard the hard work.
    Two new BRMC dancers show their solo skills..
You go Christy, still winning!! Acapello Solos New category..Acapello duo...
Abbey & Callie
...BRMC Choreographed Solos...very entertaining Flat-footing with Abbey and Holly
Family, Friends, hard work and good times shared together...that is what makes BRMC so special..
You have all heard it said many times before....Thank you for being a part of BRMC!!

Competitions are always long days...and when you really don't feel good to begin with, sometimes the best place to do is to just curl up and rest where ever and whenever you can.  - Thank you, Nicole!