Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers

2009 NCHC USA National Clogging Championships

Nashville, TN - September 5-6, 2009


The 2009 NCHC Traditional All-Star Team.  This could have almost been a BRMC team photo. 


Of all of the competitions that we participate in each year, this trip is always one of the most anticipated.  The venue and location is wonderful, comfortable and the competitive spirit here is always welcoming to the families and the dance teams.  We appreciate the efforts put forth on behalf of all the dancers to make this such a quality event. 


Our teams compete in two national championship events each year and this is the first of those.  This is where the competition level really steps up a notch or two.  This is what all of the teams have been working for all year. A chance to test your best against the best of the rest of the nation.  In both the team and the individual competitions our dancers showed that we really do have some of the best to be found anywhere.  Nowhere was this more apparent than the naming of the NCHC All-Star teams where BRMC dancers were named to both the Contemporary and Traditional teams.  Quite simply though, we dominated the traditional teams. 


In the team competitions, the hoedowns once again led the way with 4 teams placing first and even though Shady Grove placed second they earned 1st runner-up championship awards.  Our four first place hoedown teams were Little Mountain Wildfire, Little Mountain Sweethearts, Mountain Edition and Mountain Laurel .  Traditional line, small team and show teams also placed well. A summary of team placings is given below. 


Little Mountain Sweethearts Tiny Tot

4 or more Couple Hoedown


Little Mountain Wildfire Pee- Wee

Small Team


Mountain Express Tiny Tot

4 or more Couple Hoedown



Little Mountain Wildfire Pee-Wee

4 or more Couple Hoedown


Mountain Rhythm - Adult
Traditional Line

Mountain Edition Elementary

4 or more Couple Hoedown


Mountain Laurel
4 or more couple hoedown

Oconee Belles / Mountain Thunder

4 or more Couple Hoedown


Mountain Thunder Elementary

Traditional Line


Shady Grove Junior

4 or more Couple Hoedown -

1st runner-up champion



Show Junior



BRMC Teams in Action!


Oconee Bells  - Open Hoedown - First Place - 
Great Job Ladies. 
Mountain Edition --fills the stage and executed well..
First place Masters elementary hoedown. 
Mountain Express - Open Hoedown - Second place  Small team: One of our strongest dances all year...
Placed second only once!!

Naming of the All-Star teams was a highlight of the day for many of our dancers.  BRMC particularly dominated the traditional All-Star teams.  BRMC dancers named to the NCHC All-Star teams are listed below. 

Contemporary All-Star Team -  Abbey Bollick, Haleigh Chapman, Callie Durham, and Kaitlin Galloway.

Traditional All-Star Team - Kelley Addington, Madison Addington, Rachael Babb, Abbey Bollick, Emma Burell, Haleigh Chapman, Allison Durham, Callie Durham, Hunter Galloway, Kaitlin Galloway, Joey McCannon, Darby Moore, Christina Rollins and Brooklyn Simpson. The Traditional All-Star team will be directed by Loretta Addington. 

All of the team events concluded late Saturday evening and many of our dancers had to be back early the next morning for Solo and Duet/Duo competitions.  These dancers are certainly to be applauded for their hard work and dedication to representing us so well.  We were once again successful in these dances with several awards.  Abbey and Callie unveiled their new show duo and were named Grand Champion Show Duo/duet.  Kaitlin and Haleigh were our most successful traditional duo, earning 2nd runner-up championship honors.  Abbey and Callie were also very succesful in the Short Duo/duet category winning the elementary division and being first runner-up champion. 

Solos, Duets and All-Stars

Kaitlin & Haleigh - 2nd runner-up champion
Junior division Traditional Duo
Abbey and Callie - Grand Champion Show Duo
Winners in Short Duo/duet
Allison & Joey had an amazing performance..
Nearly perfect scores in some parts..
An all Star moment for a lifetime..It just means
that much more when it comes from Mrs. Loretta. 
Joey had a great day in solos
3rd male Freestyle, 2nd in traditional
Kelley was our first place solo winner in Traditional.
Great job..

A summary of Duo/Duet and solo Results is given below..

Age category Placing
Kelley Singletary Traditional  6 & under 1st
Reyanah Chapman  Traditional  6 & under  2nd
Abbey Bollick Traditional 7-9 2nd 
Hunter Galloway Masters Freestyle 7-9 2nd
Joey McCannon  Traditional 10 -11 2nd
  Masters Freestyle Male 10-11 3rd
Abbey Bollick / Callie Durham  Short Duo - Pee Wee 1st
1st Runner-up champion
Haleigh Chapman / Kaitlin Galloway Short Duo - Elementary 1st
Allison Durham / Joey McCannon  Traditional Buck & Wing Duet - Junior 2nd
Haleigh Chapman / Kaitlin Galloway Traditional Duo - Elementary 1st
Abbey Bollick / Callie Durham  Traditional Duo - Pee Wee 2nd
Abbey Bollick / Callie Durham   Show Duo - Elementary   1st
Grand Champion

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