Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers

Stompin' Ground Championship 2011 - May 7, 2011



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Mountain Rhythm Hoedown Adult Traditional Line - West Bound and Flying
Mountain Edition Earned First place honors in the 4 or more couple hoedown and the Precision categories - Way to go!
A new traditional line routine for Mountain Express is proving to be just right.  Shady Grove Traditional Line - Wow what a great job you all did. So proud of all of you...
Mountain Thunder Posing for a fun shot before owning the floor.  Mountain Express Hoedown is getting better and more confident with each performance. 
Wait a minute...Why do you have your guns pointed at the judges..Oh those are just the props in the New Mountain Thunder routine. 
Mountain Wildfire working hard and getting the awards in Line Formation and Traditional Line..The hard work is paying off ladies..
If you have never been up into the balcony to watch a hoedown you really should!  It is so neat to see the figures unfold and develop. 
looking at these figures and formations, I have to wonder: How good were the teams that beat us?  Short Duo winners
Our Choreographed Solos in Action.  Bringing the dance to life... Show duo...Definitely a favorite of the crowd and the judges.
Two of our new traditional duets / duos that debuted at this competition... Both fist place winners.  A lot of hard work here and a job well done. 
More traditional duos that did a very good job representing BRMC ....Thank you ladies for doing such a good job...
Yep.... you deserve to take a bow...
On their way to first place traditional duo much fun!! Wow! What a great job these two did.  2 lessons and you did great...
  Traditional Female Champion Dance-off.   
Some of our Solo dancers in action... We were represented very well by these dancers. and we are fortunate to have them as part of BRMC!
Never too big for Mama's lap   Sharing good times on the floor
One of the best things about clogging is making new friends... Eating snacks and passing the time. 
Special moments that make it such a neat thing to be a part of the BRMC family!!  Where else can you find family and friends like these.
We are so glad to see you here. Can we give you a hug?  Love this look of determination! and then the moment of triumph Joey & Christina pose before their competing their buck & wing dance for the first time.