Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers


ACHF 2010 World Championships - Maggie Valley, NC

October 22 - 24, 2010

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Mountain Express is definitely starting to find their feet in the clogging world.  They were named the Grand Champion Tiny Tot team with their 4 or more couple hoedown.  They also competed in the traditional line category where they placed 3rd. 
Mountain Edition Hoedown had a very strong showing, placing 2nd in the elementary age division. In the 4 or more couple precision category, Mountain Edition really put on a great performance, placing 1st. 
Mountain Wildfire Traditional Line to "Rocky Top" was really sharp and placed 1st in a very strong elementary division Mountain Wildfire Line Formation once again impressed everyone watching, including the judges that awarded them 3rd place..
Shady Grove Hoedown represented us very well in a tough division and had to overcome many challenges along the way. Shady Grove Precision looked really sharp..Hey notice these two on the front row?  They can really do this!
Mountain Rhythm - Adult Traditional Line - Great dance and good job placing 2nd in this competitive category.  Shady Grove  /  Jocassee Storm Traditional Line to "21 Candles" has still got to be one of the best Trad. Line Routines out there...
Madison & Holly started off the day of duo / duet competitions with a great performance -  First place Pee-Wee
Rachel & Sidney always do such a good job and have so much energy.  "Slew Foot" danced their way to a 1st place finish in the elementary traditional duo.  Good job Kaitlin & Haliegh
First time out "Buck & Wing" Duet, Macy and Hunter placed 1st.  Also placing 1st in their elementary "Buck & Wing" was Kaitlin & Hunter. 
Allison & Joey had a good dance and scored really well in a very competitive division where they placed 3rd.  Callie and Abbey always seem to light up the stage.  Here they perform their traditional duo..They placed 2nd. 
Wow... what a show duet this was. Great dramatics and great show. Kaitlin and Haleigh with their show duo..
  Short Duo/duet entry from
Abbey and Callie. 
If the ponytail is flying it must be working.. Great job ladies!!
BRMC All-American Clogging Team inductees... something for us all to be proud of.
Jr. All-American Traditional Team - Allison Durham - So many people were so happy for this award..We are all happy for you..
All-American Team -  Anna Porter - one of the most experienced dancers at BRMC and one that is also so very deserving of this recognition. Congratulations!
Team of the Decade...An honor that only comes along once every 10 years..Kelley Addington..We know you are so deserving of this award and really proud of your selection to this team.
BRMC was well represented in all of the solo categories, Traditional, Flat-footing, Acapello and contemporary. 
Go Callie..Get some air.. Allison in her traditional solo and then helping Gracie with her first solo competition..Talk about stealing the show!
Madison competes in contemporary solos Macy in Traditional Rachel always represents us so well Sidney showing off some footwork. 
Hunter competes in one of his solos.. Joey does a step in solo competition.  Kelley in one of 8 solo dances she competed in..Way to go!! Kaitlin in solos
Abbey in Traditional solo and then with her Choreographed solo to "Thank God I'm a Country Boy"...both were great dances Hunter "Eye of the Tiger"  Kaitlin "Burning Love"  she really put on a good show. 
I really have no idea what had their eye. The Abbey and Callie stage crew springs into action.    Kelley with her trophy for Grand Champion Traditional Female Solo
Miss Christy and Miss Loretta share a moment.  Loretta is holding tight to the music.. Just Nicole being Nicole...and an awesome caller! Our Princess and Birthday girl..I don't believe she can be 21... Callie shares a moment while waiting for her turn.
Kelley hauling away the trophies from Friday Jade ...amusing us as she is so good at..Got to love this girl.. Katie being pampered... Gracie modeling and ready for her first solo...
Dr. Loretta puts the magic on Callie's knee.  It must have worked! Don't ask me..You'll have to talk to one of them. Fun times on the floor...Watching friends dance..sharing moments..making signs.
  ...more fun times on the floor, during a break in action... getting Mountain Express ready and together before the first dance ....
good friends with their new jackets and a well deserved recognition.... Katie and these pictures.. checking all the details...

If a picture paints 1000 words, books could still be written about this one...

I can think of a couple of country songs as well.  "Daddy's Hands", "Butterfly Kisses"...