Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers



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Always an exciting moment and an awesome honor to be named to the ACHF All-American Teams.  Brooke and Megan we are so proud of both of you. 
A moment that is never forgotten.. Our All-Americans in their first dance... Katie, one of the first BRMC All Americans, shares a moment with our most recent All-American
Jocassee Storm did a wonderful job with their traditional line..  Little Mountain Sweethearts hoedown proved that hard work pays off...
  The smiles and personalities of the Mountain Express Dancers is just wonderful to watch. 
Since 2007 this Hoedown has shown it has the right stuff! Line Form Team Little Mountain Wildfire once again earned top honors.
The new Mountain Edition shows that it still has the energy and fire needed. 
Talk about eye-catching...this exhibition routine to "Mr. Policeman" was just neat to watch.  It obviously caught the judges eyes as well. Yes Loretta, it is cold out here.  We know the routine. 
Oconee Belles (plus Joey) now known as Mountain Thunder continues to improve and compete well.   
Shady Grove Hoedown...Why is everyone copying our opening?  I guess it is just that good. 
Mountain Laurel Hoedown started our day off Saturday Morning.  Mountain Rhythm Adults Traditional Line to Rocky about energy and precision!
Beverly Hillbillies put on one more fantastic show that left smiles across the entire barn..definitely a crowd favorite if not the judges!
Traditional "Buck & Wing" Duet with Allison & spite of both feeling bad they did awesome..and hands are on the proud of both of you. These two made us proud as well.  Kaitlin and Haleigh in traditional duo had an incredible sound and did super. 
Our Duo captains...Abbey and Callie have worked so hard this year.  They competed in both traditional and show duo...They even have a fan club!
Abbey in Traditional Solo Rachel and Allison Traditional Solo Get it Brooklyn! Haleigh knows how to drag-slide
Holly shows her winning form. Look who all made callbacks in the female solos...That is simply awesome..
A sampling of our female solo participants and the amazing dancers that they are. 
more of our solo dancers...
Our guys did an amazing job representing us as well and we are so very proud of them..  
BRMC sportsmanship..making new never know where these will end up...   The World Uno championship was also being conducted on the hardwood floor of the stomping ground as well... and the champion is....still up for debate!
Sharing moments and smiles with friends....not to mention laughs during the "fun dances"  there is  a reason they are called fun dances..
When asked to share a favorite BRMC Memory...we would often have to think about the simple moments such as these just shared with friends waiting -
to dance or for awards or just hanging out and sharing a story... One of the best friends traditional clogging has ever known. Earl Powell As a BRMC Clogger you never know when you may make someone's day...Thank you Miley..I mean Callie!

Such a scenic location to have a clogging competition...Too bad we see so little of it!