Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers

ACHF World Championships / Santa Land Performance

Mountain Express lead the way, placing in the 4 or more couple hoedown category.

One of the highlights of the year for the cloggers of any skilled Traditional clogging group is the opportunity to compete in the ACHF World Championships at Maggie Valley, NC in late October. 

Clogging teams work hard each year to prepare routines and dances that will compete well and earn them a spot to dance in the granddaddy of all Clogging championships.  To place well here is the ultimate proof of your dedication and discipline to clogging and to your dance team.  In addition, individual dancers get to try their hand in solo competitions where they put their individual skills on the line to a very select group of judges.  Just to qualify for this event is an honor in itself; to place here is truly special. 

This year BRMC had three teams qualify for the 4 or more couple hoedown category.  These teams were Mountain Express, Little Mountain Wildfire and Mountain Edition.  In the category of Traditional Line, Shady Grove qualified to compete here.  We are very proud of all of our teams for representing us well.  Special congratulations go to Mountain Express for placing first in the Tiny Tot Age Division of Hoedown. 


Mountain Edition fills the floor with traditional figures and footwork as their hoedown gets the barn warmed up. The precision and sound of Little Mountain Wildfire was dead on again with their hoedown. 

A highlight for any team competing in the ACHF is to have one of yours named to their All-American Teams.  This is the ultimate recognition of a dancers commitment, sportsmanship and dance skills.  ACHF only recognizes a limited number of dancers for their All-American teams.  This year BRMC was honored when Anna Porter was named to the Jr. Traditional All-American Team.  Anna has been dancing since a very young age and has danced with BRMC for many years. Anna earlier had danced with Electric City Cloggers.  We all know that Anna is very deserving of this recognition and salute her for her dedication and comittment. 

Traditional Line has always been a mainstay of BRMC and this year Shady Grove once again represented the dance school well in this division.  Their performance of theme music from Smokey and the Bandit was well received by the audience even if the judges were split over portions of it. 


Two of our solo winners at Maggie Valley. 

A highlight of this years trip to the Smokey Mountains and Maggie Valley was to take a trip with everyone for a day of relaxation and fun at Santa Land.  This was really a very enjoyable trip and all enjoyed it greatly.  It is really good after a year of hard work and pushing to take a day to just have fun and enjoy being together as BRMC family.  A lot of good times and memories were shared in this trip. 

.....dancing in the parking lot

.....the "Rudy Coaster....

.....dancing in the cold

......the animals

.....running from ride to ride

......dancing on the bridge

.....eating funnel cakes

.....dancing in the train depot........notice a theme here.  .....


It was a really good day!!