Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers

ACHF World Championships - Maggie Valley NC

October 22-24, 2010



The teams and dancers of BRMC had a very successful and memorable World Championship competition at Maggie Valley in October of 2011.  It was a very busy competition for us especially on Friday when most of our dancers were competing in their team dances as well as the solo competitions for them.  While not nearly as late as it has been in some previous years it was still a long day that demanded a lot of the dancers that were on the floor many times. There is nothing quite like dancing on the wooden floor of the Stompin' Ground and there is definitely a legacy to the place that is unique only to this venue.    Saturday was our adults day and they came through roaring, placing well in both hoedown and traditional line.  It definitely proved to be the culmination of a lot of hard work and commitment for our dancers and the families and friends that support them.  

A highlight of this event is always the naming of the All-American teams.  On Friday evening, Joey McCannon was named to the Jr. All-American Team.  Anyone that has been around ACHF clogging for any length of time knows the hard work, commitment and dedication Joey has had to traditional clogging and Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers.  It was very rewarding to hear dancers, parents and directors from other teams telling him how he deserved it and how much they enjoyed watching him dance.  We are all so proud of Joey for achieving this honor.  During the awards session on Saturday, Wendy Critchfield was honored by being named to the Senior All-American Team.  Wendy has been a dedicated member of our adult team and is an example to any one.  We all have to admire her skill, commitment and dedication.  Congratulations to both of these two All-American dancers. 

Our teams were very successful in the 3-day competition.  Friday the Tiny Tot through Junior teams took the floor in hoedowns, traditional line, precision, props exhibition  and line formation.  As always the traditional categories were the strength of BRMC but we also were competitive in some different categories such as props exhibition, line formation and precision.  Most of the teams placed in the top 3 of their category and age division with Oconee Belles, Mountain Edition and Mountain Thunder each earning first place awards.  Saturday saw the adults on the floor.  The adults kept up the pace with a 2nd place award in some top quality competition.  Sunday was the day for Duets, Duos and Choreographed solos.  Again we were well represented here.  


Oconee Bells  - Hoedown - First Place Mountain Edition Precision - A really great performance. 
Mountain Rhythm - Adults Traditional Line - Second place  Mountain Thunder Props Exhibition - Undefeated

A summary of Team Results is given below. 

4 or more Couple Hoedown


Line Formation


Oconee Bells– Pee-Wee


Mountain Wildfire - Elementary


Mountain Edition – Elementary


Traditional Line  

Shady Grove - Junior

3rd    Shady Grove - Junior  2nd 
Mountain Rhythm - Adult 2nd   Mountain Rhythm - Adult  2nd

4 or more Couple Precision


Mountain Edition – Elementary

2nd  Props Exhibition   

Shady Grove - Junior

3rd  Mountain Thunder  1st


  The dancers of BRMC also had a great day and represented us well in solos both traditional and contemporary.  We had several dancers place well in both traditional and contemporary categories. 

Our duos and duet also did really good jobs on Sunday. 
Good job to all of our dancing duets and duos for your devotion and hard work in this.  It takes a lot of work and practice in this division. 
Show them how to do it Callie!   
Macy in Traditional Solo Destiny always lights it up when she is on the floor with solo competitions. 
Christina & Morgan  - one of our outstanding traditional duos.  Sierra & Augusta are really doing a great job with their duo. 
Below - Mountain Wildfire poses for a picture in their new look for Line Formation



Age category Placing
Macy Williams   Traditional Female 8-9 2nd
Destiny Revis Contemporary Female 8-9  1st
Elizabeth Butts Traditional Female 8-9 call back
Holly Whiten  Traditional Female 10-11 1st
  Contemporary Female 10-11  3rd
  Flat-Footing 3rd
  Acapello Under 15  2nd
Abbey Bollick Traditional Female 10 -11 call back
  Contemporary Female 10 -11 call back
  Flat-Footing 2nd
Morgan Smith Traditional Female 10 -11 call back
Callie Durham   Traditional Female 12 -13 2nd
  Contemporary Female 12 -13 3rd
Sidney Lyle Traditional Female 12 -13 call back
Allison Durham Traditional Female 14-15 1st
Rachel Babb  Traditional Female 14-15 2nd
Johnny Davis Traditional Male 8-9 1st
Joey McCannon  Traditional Male 14-15 1st
  Contemporary Male 14-15 1st
Duos & Duets    
Christina Rollins / Joey McCannon  Traditional Buck & Wing Duet - Elementary 1st
Destiny Revis / Macy Williams Traditional Duo - Pee-Wee 1st
Sierra Howell / Augusta Holder Traditional Duo - Pee-Wee 2nd
Abbey Bollick / Callie Durham  Traditional Duo - Elementary  1st
  Show Duo - Elementary 1st
Madison Addington / Holly Whiten Traditional Duo - Elementary  2nd
Sydney Lyle / Rachel Babb Traditional Duo - Junior 1st
Stephanie Howell / Nicole Rollins Traditional Duo - Junior 3rd


And then there are just all of the fun things that happen on the floor with the wonderful friends from BRMC!!  


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