Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers


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Thank you to Margaret Howell for many great pictures of Friday nights competitions.   
Oconee Bells Traditional Line - First Place Great Job Such a fun routine....Mule Skinner Props Exhibition
Mountain Wildfire was on "Fire" this weekend.  First place in both line formations and traditional line.  Great Job! 
Mountain Edition Hoedown -  1st place Mountain Edition Precision continues bringing in the wins....1st place again. 
Shady Grove kept up the pace with very strong performances in 4 or more couple hoedown and traditional line categories. 
Grease Show Duo - First time out....So expressive You've been apprehended by a "Smooth Criminal" 
Two really strong dancers in only their second outing as a duo.  Great contemporary duo routine....First place
These two continue to shine....Great job!  Love the smiles on these two on their way to a great performance!!
Just had to post this one even if Joey did jump out of the frame! Love watching these two dance....Great job once again and so much fun to be around. 
Even with one being a bit out of can still these two just love to dance and have so much fun.    This may have been the strongest duo / duet performance of the evening.  First place in strong competition and really good job.   
One of my favorite shots.  Love watching these two dance.  They are so much fun and do such a good job.    Another first place win for these two.  Looking good ladies. 
Keep it up!   
Some shots of our solo winners.  Everyone that did a solo placed...That is amazing!   
  Choreographed solos are always entertaining ----First place winner to Abbey!   
Some shots of our solo winners.  Everyone did such a great job.   
Some shots of our solo winners.  Everyone did such a great job.   Had to love this bit of attitude from a first time winner in the championship danceoff.   
Some shots of our solo winners.  Everyone did such a great job.    
What is a fair without a little bit of fun!   
Fun with friends.    Celebrating Joey and Stephanie's birthday.  Joey needs table manners!    Always Coaching 
Thank you Keith and Rhonda for your hard work, dedication and the many fun moments.  It is great having you with us.   
Putting on final touches!  All smiles after a great duo dance Polishing shoes and sharing laughs Can this be a new duo? 
The group cuddling together for warmth after the storm had passed.    Who knows??? Helping out with shoes.  Here' a rose for you. 
Great friends   But you HAVE to share that Turkey Leg!  PLEASE! Just plain tired!  and the day wasn't done yet. 

A very cool sunset picture following the thunderstorm!  Great picture Joey!